Saturday, July 12, 2014

My dentist is reducing her fees as a gift

"I got your email but I don't understand, so I was going to call you."  said my holistic dentist's office Megan and Dr. Anderson in North Vancouver. "Let me get this clear. You want to pay other people's dental amalgam removal?"

"Yes." I explained. "It's a poison, and we should get it out. The cost is a barrier for most people, but if they start with that first tooth, it will get the ball rolling."

"That is so very generous of you, Brice... Since you are doing this, we're going to reduce our fees." she said.

She kindly offered the following to anyone I refer to for amalgam removal.

"Normally, we charge $83.60 for the consultation, but we'll give them our reduced fee of 45$." she offered. In addition, she will waive the price of the oxygen during the safe removal -- it'll be free.

As I previously offered, I will contribute $200 out of my own pocket to those I have already committed to so the the consult will cost you $0. 

The next local person in line is "CL." who sent me an email. You know who you are, I'll get in touch with you.

Disclosure: I get nothing ($0) from my dentist by referring others to her except:

1) A happy feeling which will result in healing my cancer.

2) I won't feel like a hypocrite anymore. I believe in "Love your neighbour as yourself" but I never did it. I don't trade, buy or sell with family or friends. If I need anything, my mom and dad gives it to me. If my friends need something, I give it to them. No trade, barter, or exchange. Why treat my neighbour and strangers differently? 

3) I'll remove the cause of disease. Not the mercury, but the reason why the mercury is in your teeth, air, and ocean in the first place. When I remove trade transactions and give you a gift, we are no longer strangers. We are friends. We treat family and friends differently than strangers and clients. We care more. When I give and receive, instead of buying and selling, I am eliminating the harmful psychological side-effects that comes from trade such as separation. I'm also preventing wealth accumulation's side effects such as lack of empathy, greed, and unethical behaviour --  which leads to pollution, the marketing of unsafe or questionable products for economic gain (processed foods w/ preservatives), wealth inequality, deforestation, mineral depletion, drilling oil, etc., which we now know are risk factors leading to cancer and most of our global crises today. 

If we remove the causes of cancer, we won't need "cures".  

The cause of our global crises today is from our separation, the cure is our reconnection. 

(Feel free to share. It's public.)

(All my references for these claims are here: )
In particular: Berkeley wealth psychologists Paul Piff and Dacher Keltner. Paul K. Piff, 4086–4091, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1118373109

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