Sunday, June 29, 2014

Public service: I'll pay your dental care.

(Feel free to share) Public service: I'll pay your dental care. If you're sick and have dental amalgams "silver fillings", I will pay your holistic dentist to remove them safely (up to $200 per tooth) and find a safer alternative for you. 
Why am I doing this?
1) Your sickness affects me because you can't contribute your greatest gifts to the world if you're poisoned. The health care burden for chronic illness eventually goes to tax-payers. The world needs you to be healthy too.
2) Around the world, there's a golden rule: "Do onto others.." and "Love your neighbour as yourself". I believe I have cancer because I don't love my neighbour like family. I only believe I do and pay lip-service, but I actually don't. With family and those I love, I never sell, buy, barter, or trade. I only give and receive freely. Why should I treat strangers differently? Am I not a hypocrite? So I decided to love you like family. I will give and receive freely and I don't expect anything back from you in return.
3) Damage control costs you a fortune. If you continue to be poisoned, your brain fog, food allergies, "leaky gut", heart palpitation, and weak immune system won't resolve no matter how many vitamins, diets, and lifestyle changes you make. It's like feeding vitamins to a fish in polluted water. We live in a toxic world and I'd like to remove your toxicity so you can save yourself a fortune on "damage control" and bandaid solutions. If you're poisoned, you'll be busy "fixing" your allergies and leaky gut forever.
(P.S: I was bedridden and in a wheelchair. 80% of my symptoms improved after 6 months of dental amalgam removal. My life's biggest regret is waiting to remove the poison in my mouth. It cost me a fortune on damage control and incalculable life quality losses. Please don't make the same mistake. Let me pay it for you.)

If you're interested:
Leave me a comment below (No Facebook PM please.) and I'll contact you, or email me privately at Locals preferred but will consider international.

After I confirm, if you can help save me time, please have your holistic dentist's office contact me for payment whenever you're ready. Show them this post, and give them my contact for payment. I can pay via credit card.

If this is the first time you hear about chronic low-dose mercury poisoning, then my friends, dentists, doctors, and health practitioners can share their experience.

Dental amalgams is still a controversial issue, just like GMO foods are today, or when cigarettes were recommended by physicians in the the 1950s.

I invite you to educate yourself on both sides of the issue.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, I am offering you to pay for its safe removal.
I wish you good health!

PS: If you're skeptical, please read this news article: "Unemployed man offers to pay a stranger's rent for a year." I have paid several people's rent since then, and I'd love to pay yours too. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hello Vancity Interview: How our economy affects our health

"Brice, can you do this interview right now?" Alice Zhou for Hello Vancity, asked. 

"Sure" I said, while eating.

So here's an impromptu in-depth interview I did recently with Alice Zhou for Hello Vancity.

We talked about: "What would cause a cancer patient to pay a stranger's rent for one year?" and "How our economy affects our health more than eating healthy and exercise?"


Some social media responses:

Friday, June 20, 2014

1 month review: Is chasing money worse than smoking?

1 month review: 4 weeks ago, I learn the surprisingly dangerous side effects our economy has on my health that are worse than smoking. It may have caused my cancer.

I learn about Ikaria Greece, the highest concentration of longest living people in the world. The secret to longevity? They don't care about money, 40% are unemployed, they live sustainably and share the surplus to others.

I want to be healthy too. So I stop buying and selling anything, and only give and receive. 

I start a "gift economy" group that grows to 200 members in 10 mins.

A CEO at a Health clinic gifts her 1000 sq feet space for us to meet.

A stranger gives me a car. 

It makes the national news in Canada. 

I pay someone's rent for a year.  (It also makes the news)

Here's the chronically ill mother who got a gift of rent for a year.

The group spreads to 600+ members in 3 cities. 

I receive many hospitality offers. A doctor from NZ offers a gifted housing. (But it's too far, so I had to decline.)

Since I no longer buy or sell, people gave me organic food. A professional photographer gifts her services (normally $150 fee).

A professional designer working at marketing firm gifts us her services and builds a beautiful website for us that would normally cost over $1000 to build.

Doctors, health practitioners, and nutritionists gifts their services. ($200+)

I ask my webhost for a domain, they gift it. "We normally don't do this but..." they say, but they want to support this cause. I ask for a web company to gift their services, they waive their $40 fee.

Only 3 days ago, 8 group members decide to fundraise to gift me housing. 

In 2 hours, they gift me 1 week and 3 days of hospitality. 

Not because I can't afford it, but because of love. I was so touched...

Wow. It was scary at first because I stopped depending on my purchase power for my needs, and became vulnerable to others. But after overcoming this fear, now I feel so happy! I sleep better, look younger, and I feel healthier than I've ever been.

My security isn't in my purchase power anymore, but in friendships and community.

I'm not looking for cancer cures. I want to remove cancer causes. The cause is fear. The cure is love.  

When you're in our market economy, you will have fear because of its artificial scarcity. The system is designed this way. But when you're in the gift economy, you will have love.

Although I am still in the system, I am slowly transitioning. I have one foot in the city, and one foot in nature. One foot in a market economy, one in our gift economy. One foot in fear and scarcity, one foot in love and abundance.

If you have cancer, please look into this. Love may be better than herbal medicine and vitamins.

If studies shows our social relationships in our economic system can increase our mortality risk to be worse than smoking 15 cigarettes, twice as worse as obesity, and alcoholism... then shouldn't we look into this?

I must thank Paul Piff UC Berkeley and BYU (Brigham Young University) for those studies on the psychology of wealth!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Another day, another media interview (Jill Benette, CKNW Talk Show Host and Global BC Reporter

A local radio station producer contacted me to do a show. 

"My name is Devon and I am the producer of The Weekend Morning News with Jill Bennett on CKNW Radio in Vancouver. I'm writing because I recently read about the story of you 'paying it forward' to people and your paying rent for a year. WOW!  

I invited my new friend and visionary Peter, the "modern day JFK" and off-grid genius to join me.

Yesterday we were on "The Weekend Morning News with Jill Bennett on CKNW Radio in Vancouver. " Saturday, June 14th at 8:10am PT (11:10am ET).

You can listen to the recorded interview here:

I wanted to thank Devon and Jill for having us on the show! @jillreports

Listener reactions:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Unemployed man offers to pay stranger’s rent for a year" - Vancouver Sun

There's a lot of new media interest -- too much to post so I'll just link a few here:

I also started paying people's rent and mortgages. 

It made the news today too.

What some people are saying:

If you'd like to learn more about why I'm doing this and why I believe our economy is the root cause of my cancer, click on 'about me'.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

"Money as the root of health evils" - Edmonton Journal

Now we're talking!

The story is now in print in Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal and various cities across Canada.

I particularly love the Edmonton Journal's headline. I hope it sparks a discussion about how our economic system affects our health. That's all I wanted to accomplish.

Kelly Smith, an educator at McGill University teaching at Lester B. Pearson School Board, read the story in the Montreal Gazette below and contacted me.

Here's what she said (used with permission):

One of her friends has cancer and mentioned that "the loneliness aspect of the article really hit home."

That's exactly what Charles Enseintein, a mathematics grad from Yale and author says using money does -- it disconnects us from each other, our environment, and our actions. Trading money creates an illusion of separation between us. That leads to loneliness... which we all know affects our health, and studies show is even worse than smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

Vancouver is a pretty lonely city. And cancer rates aren't decreasing. So this message is very important to share.

I'm glad people are getting this!

If you want to learn more about all my references and how I became convinced that our economy is the root cause of disease, click here.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Seeking Homeowners: I'd like to pay your mortgage, or tenant's rent

As I mentioned in my recent interview with the Vancouver Sun published today, I learned from Nobel Economists that our unsustainable economic system causes an increase in cancer, pollution and disease.

It also increases loneliness -- and studies show loneliness is worse than smoking 15 cigarettes per day, and twice worse than obesity. 

Most people agree the system is broken. But now what? What should we do about it?

It may sound naive, but I believe love and kindness is the answer! I cannot buy or sell love and kindness BUT I can give it away freely!

So I decided to stop buying, selling, and trading -- and instead, I simply give and receive. I want a public debate about our economy, and our government to change our policies.

I believe a "gift economy" can remove the causes of my cancer and disease, just like Okinawa Japan, Ikaria Greece, Sardinia Italy and the world's healthiest places with the highest concentration of centenarians who have gift economies!

The first thing I need to transition from the market is housing. Since I'm looking for a gift of housing by June 30th, I thought... why not give what I seek? (24th June update: I have received a gift of housing.)

So I'd like to pay your rent as a gift, or help you pay your mortgage. 

(June 7th update: I paid a stranger's rent for a year. The Vancouver Sun reports: "Unemployed man offers to pay a stranger's rent for a year".)

Here's her cheque. 

She took a picture when she received it.

From: Vicki Lucille, a chronically ill mother of 4 kids, Pennsylvania US. Date: Saturday, June 14th, 2014
Dear kindhearted like­minded souls out there,
I'd like you to meet Brice. This man is unlike any other person I've ever encountered.
I've learned so much from him. But what really blew me away and melted my heart was his generosity.

You see, he offered to pay my rent for an entire year!
I was flabbergasted and asked, “why?”
He explained that the money exchange system of buying and selling is flawed and ultimately leads to illness. We need to give and receive freely to others. Only then can we truly understand human love and compassion. He desires a society in which people take care of each other like this.

It brought tears to my eyes when I realized he has cancer. [and unemployed]
And... He took money out of his own personal savings to help me, a person he's never even met outside of Facebook. But then I understood his reasoning. We often will only receive what we are willing to give. The universe is like a boomerang or echo– what you send out is what you get back. So Brice is sending out waves of love to others and I'm sure he will receive just as much, if not more, love in return.
It is my sincerest hope that us people in this world will see the massive effect they can have on others and their community, if they simply care for one another. 

I gave another person left a comment on my blog below.

There are a few more that I didn't bother reporting yet.

This is a big risk and cost on my part.  But this may be the only way to start a discussion about our broken economic system.

Sometimes, you need to take risks to change the world, like this man.

(c) Timothy Allen

Everyone should receive housing as a gift.

It has nothing to do with affordability. No one should have to trade money in exchange for housing or anything. Especially if they can afford it. In fact, studies show the wealthier you are, the more psychologically disconnected and dependent on money you become.  So the wealthiest 1% ironically need to experience giving and receiving the most.

I can confirm this from family experience.

According to The Wall Street Journal:

"In a survey titled "Joys and Dilemma of Wealth" by Boston College, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Calibre Wealth Management, the wealthiest set revealed they are an unhappy bunch -- worried about appearing ungrateful, rearing bratty children and failing to meet expectations."

The article writes:

Would $25 million make you happy?
Not if you're a member of the ultra-rich. 
In a survey titled "Joys and Dilemma of Wealth" by Boston College, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Calibre Wealth Management, the wealthiest set revealed they are an unhappy bunch -- worried about appearing ungrateful, rearing bratty children and failing to meet expectations.

Here are ten fears of the uber-rich:


A respondent reported he wouldn't feel financially secure until he had $1 billion in the bank.


Survey respondents report feeling that they have lost the right to complain about anything, for fear of sounding — or being — ungrateful.

Trust Funds

Those who are parents worry that their children will become trust-fund brats if their inheritances are too large — or will be forever resentful if those inheritances (or parts of them) are instead bequeathed to charity.


The respondents also confide that they feel their outside relationships have been altered by, and have in some cases become contingent on, their wealth. "Very few people know the level of my wealth, and if they did, in most cases I believe it would change our relationship," writes one respondent. Another says, "I start to wonder how many people we know would cut us off if they didn't think they could get something from us."


Some wealthy people stopped looking forward to the holidays "because they were always expected to give really good presents," said Robert Kenny, one of the organizers of the survey, when interviewed in The Atlantic. When you're a millionaire, Kenny says, expensive gifts merely meet expectations. "That was a pretty good present," the recipients might say. "But last year, you gave me a car." 


"Wealth can be a barrier to connecting with other people," writes the spouse of a tech wizard who cashed in to the tune of $80 million. Rich people often feel they can't share the stresses in their lives, for fear someone will say, "Yeah, wouldn't I like to have your problems." It can get awkward when the check comes at a restaurant and there's hesitation over who will pay.


One wealthy survey respondent who worked in the nonprofit sector says she would feel insecure about her position if she resumed working. "If I decided to get a job in the field, I think I would have trouble being seen as a colleague and not a donor," she wrote.


Many express relief that their kids' education was assured, but are concerned that money might rob them of ambition. Having money "runs the danger of giving them a perverted view of the world," one respondent writes. Another worries, "Money could mess them up — give them a sense of entitlement, prevent them from developing a strong sense of empathy and compassion."


"I have grown up with a father who never wanted to give up control of his business but kept taunting me with the opportunity to step into his shoes." His wife adds, "It has been difficult to feel financially independent when [my] spouse's parents hold tight control over [our] children's inheritance."

Poor People

"Nobody has the excuse of 'lack of money' for not being at peace and living in integrity," writes one survey respondent of his family, with a touch of bitterness. "If they choose to live otherwise, that's their business."

The gift isn't the money, it's the experience of love. 

So when I'm offering you to pay your mortgage, taxes or rent --- the gift I'm offering you isn't just the money, it's the love -- the experience of receiving and giving.

The gift I am offering you is the experience of removing transactions which isolate you from others, and leads to disease.

And on the big picture, it contributes to the psychology that creates unsustainable economic conditions that harms us.

What we do with money is our choice.  We can buy or sell, or we can give and receive.

In an ideal world, we wouldn't need money. Unfortunately, most of us don't live sustainably off-grid and are dependent in the monetary economy. But what we do with money is still our choice. We can trade and exchange money for housing and services, but that will further disconnect us, harm us, and contribute to an unsustainable economy.


We can freely give and receive money, housing, and food with no strings attached. Just like we do with family and friends.  That will solve many of our global crises today.

The choice is ours.  And I choose to give and receive!

All I want is people to question this economic system based on trade, and to consider alternatives.

So here's my offer:


Seeking Homeowners: I'd like to pay your tenants rent, or mortgage.

I'm looking for housing but instead of buying or renting a home, I'd like to pay your next tenant's rent so they can receive free housing, or help pay off your mortgage, or property taxes.

I understand this sounds unconventional.

The reason why I'm doing it is because although I'm taking a risk, I believe that giving and receiving without trade is the only way I can heal myself from cancer, and save others from the disconnection that the market economy creates.

If you'd like to know why I decided to stop trading, bartering, buying or selling, you can learn about my story in the Vancouver Sun here:

If you're a homeowner interested in receiving this gift, I'd love to hear from you.

Please let me know what you think.


PS: The short answer is we never trade with family and friends, only strangers and enemies. And this disconnection led to many of our worlds global crises.

PPS: You may ask: "If you can afford a home, why not rent or buy one yourself?" Because that's a trade. Instead, I am giving you is a gift with no strings attached. I don't expect you to repay me. Otherwise, that would be an exchange, not a true gift.

A real gift is about love, not trade.


Of course, I cannot help everyone as much as I would love to, or I would quickly be bankrupt. Please don't take it personally if I don't answer your request. But I will do my best.

But let's hope my action will get others to do the same?

To read more on how I believe the gift economy will remove the causes my cancer, click here.

I'm on the national news...

I got inspired to stop trading money for services such as housing, food and transportation, and started giving and receive freely, in order to heal cancer.

The national news reported on this:

Feel free to share this article.

PS:  In summary...

Family and friends don't trade, barter, buy or sell anything to each other (for the most part). Only with strangers and enemies. And that's what disconnects us and leads to our global crises -- from unsustainable economic growth, to environmental destruction and even cancer.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 8: Two new friends, 1 media interview, 1 free housing offer (but not right fit)

Just a quick update today, because I'm feel exhausted:

I did an interview for the Vancouver Sun newspaper yesterday... with two new friends.

The journalist was a match made in heaven. She has a background in economics and was well informed on the gift economy. I'm very grateful to have found her! 

I met Peter, the off-grid genius, who gave me a free car.

We had our first "gift economy group" meeting at the 1000sq ft Vital Health Clinic gifted by the generous CEO Heidi Henderson.  Heidi also offered a free session with one of her practitioners -- an expert in Jelly Fish. (!) I thought we were going to catch a Jelly fish like Spongebob, but it's actually a kind of healing and stretching exercise! Ha ha..

I'm so honoured and grateful to have met such amazing people.

I call Peter the "off-grid genius" because he has another car that runs on vegetable oil from restaurants. Yes, vegetable oil. Not gasoline. He says: "In fact, when Mr. Diesel presented his new engine to the world at the beginning of the 20th century, it ran on....peanut oil!"

He's planning to move to an off-grid intentional community in BC. 

I got an offer for free housing from New Zealand! 

...from a chiropractor doctor who doesn't charge her patients!

A woman named Dr. Valerie Tan read my blog and contacted me to offer me free housing!  She has a a chiropractic practice operating within a gift economy (They don't charge their patients! How cool is that?)  

From their website's "How much does it cost"?: 
"We run a gift economy payment system. This is based on our core values of honesty and respect and we ask that you pay each visit according to 1. your means and 2. the value you place on the service and care we provide. We hope and trust that you will honour this system."

Her offer for free housing was very generous, but unfortunately way too far and wasn't quite the right fit. Too bad I'm too sick to travel. But I decided to help her start her own gift community in Christchurch NZ.  

I'm exhausted in the city. 

Yesterday was the first time I went to Vancouver in almost 3 months! 

I didn't realize how much the city drains my energy.... the noise, the air, ugh. I'm still recovering today. Yet another reason why I need to find housing near nature.

Time to go for another nap....

Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 7: Good news! The media is interested, and I gave my landlord more money??

Here's the updates:

I just spoke to the Vancouver Sun reporter on the phone today.

She loves
my story and wants to meet in person, have photographers and talk about the gift economy for the newspaper. 

The idea is I will receive my new free car (yes, someone gave me a car!) in person with the media present. 

Since I already have a car, I decided to re-gift my new mini-van to a person in need from our gift economy group, who will also be present.  


I gifted my $800 rental deposit to the next tenants. (I know, it sounds crazy).

The landlord was surprised, grateful and said I could stay longer, and although I love them, I'll decline. I bet those university students will be shocked. I hope it starts a "passing the rent forward"!

I hope Capilano students will give back to others in need, join our gift community, so in the end, all of us will truly benefit.

Students are the future. So it's a win-win-win!

(I'm honestly surprised I did that, it's a big leap of faith, but it feels so good to give!)

I'm still looking for gifted housing. 

It's not easy at all. I'm very tempted to trade...It's so easy to give someone money, and get a house. But I need to think very "differently". I shouldn't "think outside the box", I should remove the box altogether. :-)

Will I find someone to give me free housing before June 30th? The search continues...