Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 7: Good news! The media is interested, and I gave my landlord more money??

Here's the updates:

I just spoke to the Vancouver Sun reporter on the phone today.

She loves
my story and wants to meet in person, have photographers and talk about the gift economy for the newspaper. 

The idea is I will receive my new free car (yes, someone gave me a car!) in person with the media present. 

Since I already have a car, I decided to re-gift my new mini-van to a person in need from our gift economy group, who will also be present.  


I gifted my $800 rental deposit to the next tenants. (I know, it sounds crazy).

The landlord was surprised, grateful and said I could stay longer, and although I love them, I'll decline. I bet those university students will be shocked. I hope it starts a "passing the rent forward"!

I hope Capilano students will give back to others in need, join our gift community, so in the end, all of us will truly benefit.

Students are the future. So it's a win-win-win!

(I'm honestly surprised I did that, it's a big leap of faith, but it feels so good to give!)

I'm still looking for gifted housing. 

It's not easy at all. I'm very tempted to trade...It's so easy to give someone money, and get a house. But I need to think very "differently". I shouldn't "think outside the box", I should remove the box altogether. :-)

Will I find someone to give me free housing before June 30th? The search continues...

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