Sunday, June 29, 2014

Public service: I'll pay your dental care.

(Feel free to share) Public service: I'll pay your dental care. If you're sick and have dental amalgams "silver fillings", I will pay your holistic dentist to remove them safely (up to $200 per tooth) and find a safer alternative for you. 
Why am I doing this?
1) Your sickness affects me because you can't contribute your greatest gifts to the world if you're poisoned. The health care burden for chronic illness eventually goes to tax-payers. The world needs you to be healthy too.
2) Around the world, there's a golden rule: "Do onto others.." and "Love your neighbour as yourself". I believe I have cancer because I don't love my neighbour like family. I only believe I do and pay lip-service, but I actually don't. With family and those I love, I never sell, buy, barter, or trade. I only give and receive freely. Why should I treat strangers differently? Am I not a hypocrite? So I decided to love you like family. I will give and receive freely and I don't expect anything back from you in return.
3) Damage control costs you a fortune. If you continue to be poisoned, your brain fog, food allergies, "leaky gut", heart palpitation, and weak immune system won't resolve no matter how many vitamins, diets, and lifestyle changes you make. It's like feeding vitamins to a fish in polluted water. We live in a toxic world and I'd like to remove your toxicity so you can save yourself a fortune on "damage control" and bandaid solutions. If you're poisoned, you'll be busy "fixing" your allergies and leaky gut forever.
(P.S: I was bedridden and in a wheelchair. 80% of my symptoms improved after 6 months of dental amalgam removal. My life's biggest regret is waiting to remove the poison in my mouth. It cost me a fortune on damage control and incalculable life quality losses. Please don't make the same mistake. Let me pay it for you.)

If you're interested:
Leave me a comment below (No Facebook PM please.) and I'll contact you, or email me privately at Locals preferred but will consider international.

After I confirm, if you can help save me time, please have your holistic dentist's office contact me for payment whenever you're ready. Show them this post, and give them my contact for payment. I can pay via credit card.

If this is the first time you hear about chronic low-dose mercury poisoning, then my friends, dentists, doctors, and health practitioners can share their experience.

Dental amalgams is still a controversial issue, just like GMO foods are today, or when cigarettes were recommended by physicians in the the 1950s.

I invite you to educate yourself on both sides of the issue.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, I am offering you to pay for its safe removal.
I wish you good health!

PS: If you're skeptical, please read this news article: "Unemployed man offers to pay a stranger's rent for a year." I have paid several people's rent since then, and I'd love to pay yours too. 

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