Friday, June 20, 2014

1 month review: Is chasing money worse than smoking?

1 month review: 4 weeks ago, I learn the surprisingly dangerous side effects our economy has on my health that are worse than smoking. It may have caused my cancer.

I learn about Ikaria Greece, the highest concentration of longest living people in the world. The secret to longevity? They don't care about money, 40% are unemployed, they live sustainably and share the surplus to others.

I want to be healthy too. So I stop buying and selling anything, and only give and receive. 

I start a "gift economy" group that grows to 200 members in 10 mins.

A CEO at a Health clinic gifts her 1000 sq feet space for us to meet.

A stranger gives me a car. 

It makes the national news in Canada. 

I pay someone's rent for a year.  (It also makes the news)

Here's the chronically ill mother who got a gift of rent for a year.

The group spreads to 600+ members in 3 cities. 

I receive many hospitality offers. A doctor from NZ offers a gifted housing. (But it's too far, so I had to decline.)

Since I no longer buy or sell, people gave me organic food. A professional photographer gifts her services (normally $150 fee).

A professional designer working at marketing firm gifts us her services and builds a beautiful website for us that would normally cost over $1000 to build.

Doctors, health practitioners, and nutritionists gifts their services. ($200+)

I ask my webhost for a domain, they gift it. "We normally don't do this but..." they say, but they want to support this cause. I ask for a web company to gift their services, they waive their $40 fee.

Only 3 days ago, 8 group members decide to fundraise to gift me housing. 

In 2 hours, they gift me 1 week and 3 days of hospitality. 

Not because I can't afford it, but because of love. I was so touched...

Wow. It was scary at first because I stopped depending on my purchase power for my needs, and became vulnerable to others. But after overcoming this fear, now I feel so happy! I sleep better, look younger, and I feel healthier than I've ever been.

My security isn't in my purchase power anymore, but in friendships and community.

I'm not looking for cancer cures. I want to remove cancer causes. The cause is fear. The cure is love.  

When you're in our market economy, you will have fear because of its artificial scarcity. The system is designed this way. But when you're in the gift economy, you will have love.

Although I am still in the system, I am slowly transitioning. I have one foot in the city, and one foot in nature. One foot in a market economy, one in our gift economy. One foot in fear and scarcity, one foot in love and abundance.

If you have cancer, please look into this. Love may be better than herbal medicine and vitamins.

If studies shows our social relationships in our economic system can increase our mortality risk to be worse than smoking 15 cigarettes, twice as worse as obesity, and alcoholism... then shouldn't we look into this?

I must thank Paul Piff UC Berkeley and BYU (Brigham Young University) for those studies on the psychology of wealth!

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